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Document Type: Artykuł
Title: Why We Need Counsellogical Research: Towards an Anthropology of Counselling
Journal: Studia Poradoznawcze/Journal of Counsellogy
Authors: Kargulowa, Alicja
Keywords: anthropology of counselling; homo consultans; counselling; counsellogy; counsellogical knowledge
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: Studia Poradoznawcze/Journal of Counsellogy, 2, 258-276
Abstract: The article explores various meanings of counselling as understood in colloquial, psychological and sociological terminologies and contexts. Starting from these definitions, the article argues strongly for research into counselling and investigation of counselling-related issues and problems. The resultant findings, compiled and synthesised in the form of hypotheses, interpretations and generalised principles, contribute to the science of counselling, i.e. counsellogy. The article seeks to characterise the existing counsellogical knowledge – knowledge on counselling and counselling research – and foster thinking about counsellogy in terms of an anthropology of counselling.
ISSN: 2299-4971
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