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Document Type: Artykuł
Title: Reflections on the Condition of Polish Counselling
Journal: Studia Poradoznawcze/Journal of Counsellogy
Authors: Wojtasik, Bożena
Keywords: Polish counselling; vocational guidance; career counselling
Issue Date: 2012
Citation: Studia Poradoznawcze/Journal of Counsellogy, 1, 216-227
Abstract: In our rapidly changing world, uncertainty about the future compels people to look for some kind of stability. Counselling and guidance are a kind of contemporary support in more eff ective planning of individual lives and solving problems. How can counselling and guidance be more coherent in the complex and flickering reality? In the culture of individualism and plurality of voices, what are the chances of co-operation between a counsellor and a client or among various partners involved in (public and non-public) counselling? Counselling offers a range of theories, methods and techniques, which can contribute both to deeper dialogue and to cooperation, but also can hinder dialogue. How can high quality counselling services be ensured amidst plurality of discourses and practices as well as (professional and non-professional) institutions involved in counselling? I argue that counsellors, by conscious refl ection and specifi c counselling activities, can reconcile the contradictions of the contemporary liquid world, which may improve everyday life.
ISSN: 2299-4971
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