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Document Type: Artykuł
Title: Professional development as learning in relationships
Journal: Studia Poradoznawcze/Journal of Counsellogy
Authors: Noworolnik-Mastalska, Monika
Keywords: professional development; professional identity; social theory of learning; learning by experience; dialectical process of learning; sociocultural context of learning; social construction of professions; social structure
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: Studia Poradoznawcze/Journal of Counsellogy, 2, 237-257
Abstract: The article presents a clasification of selected leading conceptions within professional development, using socio-cultural perspective of learning in different relationships. Beside drawing on the classical social theory of learning through interactions with others, another dimensions of learning are added: related to the self, personal dimension of learning through professional identity development and societal dimension, where learning results from the ability to respond comprehensively to expectations for the undertaken professional role. All dimensions are illustrated with selected examples of studies on the professional identity development process. On the basis of theories combined with research outcomes, the following types of learning are distinguished: learning by practising, learning in a critical dialogue, learning as becoming, learning in the societal structure, learning from life history and learning as a dialectical process. All these learning types could be useful in professional learning or professional development, especially the within human services sector, including teaching, social work, career guidance and educational counsellor.
ISSN: 2299-4971
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