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Document Type: Rozdział z książki
Title: Unia Europejska w polityce zagranicznej Federacji Rosyjskiej
Authors: Kaźmierczak-Pec, Dorota
Keywords: Unia Europejska; Rosja; polityka zagraniczna
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Naukowe Dolnośląskiej Szkoły Wyższej
Citation: P. Mickiewicz, & H. Wyligała (Eds.), Dokąd zmierza Europa: nacjonalizm, separatyzm, migracje – nowe wyzwania Unii Europejskiej (pp. 295–304). Wrocław: Wydawnictwo Naukowe Dolnośląskiej Szkoły Wyższej
Abstract: In fact, Russian policy toward European Union as an international institution, does not exist. Not being a legal entity, EU is regarded by the Russian authorities as a free economic alliance, without prospects for gaining a permanent character. When the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe was rejected, Russia returned to the policy of maintaining “strategic” relationships with the largest EU countries – Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, and Spain. This article is an attempt to analyse the place and role of EU in the foreign policy of the Russian Federation, as well as its attitude toward EU, which can be described as commercial pragmatism. The status of Russia in these relationships is conditioned by its geographical location, role of a permanent member of the UN Security Council, as well as its membership in the groups of nuclear powers and exporters of natural resources, in particular energy resources. This entitles the Russian Federation to participate in the shaping of the global new deal, based on reinforcing the multipolar system as a warranty of balancing of powers and infl uences in the world. For the Russian Federation, EU is a potential counterweight to the USA infl uences in Europe and, undoubtedly, the key export market of utmost importance from the economic perspective.
ISBN: 978-83-89518-99-6
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