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Document Type: Artykuł
Title: „Zgorszenie postludzkie” - posthumanistyczne definiowanie zgorszenia w obszarze technologii, informacji i relacjach międzygatunkowych
Journal: Studia de Cultura
Authors: Stasieńko, Jan
Keywords: posthumanizm; zgorszenie; podmiotowość; prawa zwierząt; cyborg; gry wideo; bohater; intymność; posthumanism; scandal; subjectivity; animal rights; cyborg; video games; intimacy
Issue Date: 2012
Citation: Studia de Cultura, 4
Abstract: A special response to the various manifestations of posthumanistic idea may be the sense of scandal. It may be related to the lack of acceptance of the idea of non-human entity and therefore, its broad definition, and the act of inviting an entity to become creations of different ontological status. However, it appears that the scandal may have a reciprocal nature. Shocking may be both a definition formed from the anthropocentric point of view (for posthumanists) as well as from posthuman perspective, when followers of the rhetoric of openness to the “other” can manifest their disagreement over narrow vision of subjectivity. Thus the shape of the subject relations comes under an intensive discoursivisation in the sphere of social and cultural activity, which I would like to survey in this text. The article aims to show the intricate circumstances of a scandal that might arise in the discussion about subjectivity. I will demonstrate how scandal manifests itself within the three areas: interspecies relations, technological and information areas, by analyzing selected case studies within each of the areas.
ISSN: 1644-1885
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